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Our Story



Hello... my name is George Gargiulo and I am the creater of the Key Largo Adirondack line of outdoor patio chairs.  I live in Islamorada Florida and I have spent decades as a finish carpenter using cutting edge technology to create custom furniture and kitchens.   When the economy went south my business was dramatically affected, as were the businesses of millions of Americans.  Just prior to the downturn I had created a beautiful set of Adirondack chairs which my wife and I use to relax.  Several of my friends suggested that I should build and sell those Adirondack chairs... And a new business was born.   We now employ numerous local individuals and continue to create new products that capture peoples attention and give them enjoyment.  We have sold thousands of very high quality chairs and tables around the country and love living the Island Life.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Our primary goal at the Key Largo Adirondack Company is to provide outstanding customer service and I invite you to call me personally should you encounter service that, in any way,  falls short of your expectations.

Thank You,


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