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Lifeguard Chairs

Our handcrafted Lifeguard outdoor patio chairs are SOLID & STURDY but built with comfort in mind.  The are made of a PVC composite (Versatex) and they come with a 25 year guarantee to not crack, peel, split or warp.  Originally designed for an elevated view over a railing.   They are designed to be UNIQUE, eye-catching and impressive, yet practical and virtually MAINTENANCE FREE!  We use premium quality American Made stainless steel fasteners to prevent rust and corrosion and they never need to be painted.

Our Lifeguard style chairs are designed to be outdoors and NEVER GET HOT in the sun.   All chairs feature a rolled front design with a curved back and contoured seat and have a flexibility not found in the hard wooden chairs.  We specialize in custom and corporate logos and we offer dozens of designs which can be engraved into the chair back and the designs are guaranteed for 25 years!

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